A Day at Playgroup

Children at Buckingham Playgroup enjoy a wide variety of activities where the emphasis is on having fun and sharing experiences within a safe and relaxed environment. This is as important for the child’s sense of security as for their development, as children learn through playing, exploring and communicating.

At the start of playgroup staff welcome the parents and children into the playroom. Children’s attendance is registered as they enter and there is an opportunity to discuss any matters that have arisen with staff, and to see what activities the children will be involved in via the Parents’ Information and Planning Boards. Once the exterior gate is secured, the doors are opened so that children can play indoors or outdoors.

We also provide a lunch club Monday to Thursday running from 12.00-1.00pm. We are open for three afternoon sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (12.00-3.00pm).

Activities are carefully planned to ensure the children are really enjoying learning for themselves, whilst also offering varying spontaneous experiences both indoors and outdoors.

During the day there are a number of activities which the children can predict, giving them a sense of routine and belonging to the playgroup. After the first hour at playgroup, a member of staff will prepare the morning snack and the children will wash their hands and sit down at the table before choosing from the healthy options (such as apple, cheese, bread sticks, cucumber). The children pour their own drinks and wash up their cup and plate before carrying on with their play. The children return to their play until the end of the session when they will settle down together for a story or singing before home time.

Visitors come to the playgroup on a regular basis including parent helpers, visitors from the local community (such as members of the police force, fire service, St John’s Ambulance, or local Health Visitor). This gives the children an opportunity to meet other adults and to learn new things about their environment. Outings are also arranged such as a walk to the post box to post a letter, a visit to the beach or local park. The sports day picnic is always the cause of much excitement amongst the children. There is also a regular fire drill to ensure the children are familiar with the evacuation procedure.

At the end of the session parents and carers are welcomed back into the playgroup and there is a second opportunity to talk to staff whilst belongings are collected along with any paintings, drawings or models that the children have created during the day.

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