We have places for 30 children per session and employ 9 members of staff. We maintain the ratio of adults to children that is set by the Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements. We also welcome parent helpers to complement these ratios.

We would recommend registering your child’s name as early as possible to ensure you have a space when your child is eligible to start. Click here for an application form.

Children can join the term following their 2nd birthday, dependent upon the availability of space and readiness of the individual child to stay happily within the group. A child can remain with us until the term before his or her 5th birthday.

Children may attend Buckingham Playgroup for between 2 and 8 sessions per week, these sessions are 3 hours long. Only in exceptional circumstances will we admit a child for only one session per week. We recommend that younger children should start with 2 or 3 sessions per week but may increase this to more when parents and staff feel they are ready and able to benefit from more sessions, subject to availability of places and commencement of the Free Entitlement funding.

Parents/carers are encouraged to visit with their child shortly before admission is due, and should be prepared to stay with their child if necessary for the first session or two. We operate a flexible admissions procedure and where appropriate a child may attend for brief periods at first; gradually building up to a full session.

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